“I had experienced pain in my back from arthritis for a long time! After starting treatment the pain is gone, my energy has doubled, and I am now enjoying activities I had thought were lost to me!”~ Paula D.

“For most of my life I have been plagued with dizzy spells that caused me to miss school and my favorite sports. I had been to specialists and took medication, but it didn’t work. Since being under care, I have not had one dizzy spell, haven’t missed school, and I am back to playing varsity sports!” ~ Stephen M.

“After 3yrs of severe pain with no answers and no relief elsewhere I went to Dr. Suchecki. Today I stand and walk straighter and the pain is minimal! Thank you!” ~ Paula S.

“I came in with debilitating lower back pain just days before the football season began. With their direction and help the pain vanished and I enjoyed a great, successful season!” ~ ~ Dean C.

Our son was in urgent need of care when he was unable to move his neck. They spent a great deal of time explaining what had happened to our son’s neck and we felt comfortable with the suggested treatment plan. Now our entire family is under care and we are all feeling healthier! ~ Elena H.

“Having been in pain for twenty or more years, I had my doubts as to whether Dr. Suchecki could help. I gave him a chance and was very surprised! The pain is gone and I feel better than I have in years! Thank you!” ~ Medora C.

“I could barley make it into the office for my first appointment as it was so painful to sit or stand for any length of time. With each treatment I felt better, and now my friends and co-workers comment on how much straighter I stand and how much more I can do!” ~ Jane S.

“After suffering daily headaches for over 8 months, a friend referred me in for care. I got relief soon after starting and remain free of pain! I am very happy to have found these doctors and recommend them to friends and family!” ~ Leslie H.

“I had suffered with excruciating lower back pain that would put me down for several days with little relief from medication. I no longer have the pain and I have been treated by courteous and professional expertise!” ~ Joe S.

“I had moved to the area for my “dream job”. Then I threw my back out and I was barely able to work and in severe pain. I was referred to their office but I was very nervous about getting any results. The doctors were very confident. I can now work overtime if I need to and still feel great the next morning! Amazing!” ~ Tommy P.

“My very active 6 yr. old son was complaining about leg pain that stopped him from running. After seeing great results in their office from my shoulder pain, I brought him in to get checked. Soon after treatments began he was back enjoying running and all the sports he loves!” ~ Ronalee R.

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